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We specialize in delivering services to the Small and Medium Size Businesses with great added value in the scope and quality of the services we provide. Anzimatech is perfectly positioned to take on the role of a full-fledged IT department for SMBs by providing the wide range of services fit for different size of businesses, but without incurring the costs that come with building a dedicated IT team or the complexity of dealing with multiple suppliers for different IT needs.

Practice Areas

Our Practice Areas cover the main domains of activities we provide for organizations of different sizes

Onsite Services

we provide professionals who will work with you to analyze your environment for potential improvements and to detect/ diagnose problems, determine and propose the ideal solutions, then monitor and evaluate the execution.

Managed Services

We help build and maintain state-of-the-art technology environment and supply the professionals to run it remotely. This model is guaranteed to reduce personnel costs without compromising the level of service expected or response time.

Support Services

We watch over your IT environment through Preventive Maintenance, Reactive Support and Proactive Services, in order to reduce any downtime, enhance operations and protect it against exposure.

Cloud Services

Whether you already have a full Cloud Environment or a partial one, or whether you want to move part or all your existing infrastructure to the cloud, this is one of the core expertise of our Team.


Within these Practice Areas, we offer a range of Professional Services. We have developed a very well structured and defined set of services specifically designed to meet business objectives, to address targeted pain areas, and to make a difference in the life of the organization from operations and management point of you.

Starter Pack

This service is designed to help a new business to take off properly in terms of all IT/ IS needs, without headaches, keeping the owners of the new business focused on what they know best, while keeping the cost under control and within budget.

We handle everything from domain name acquisition, and management, to cloud based email setup and configuration, internet connectivity, in-office Wi-Fi set up, starter website page, computers, servers, filing, collaboration, and all aspects of services and infrastructure required to operate a new business and set it on the path of growth.
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Go to cloud

Existing businesses, of any size, who have a traditional On-Promises IT/ IS infrastructure might be facing many number of issues and difficulties ranging from the rising cost of owning and managing their own IT to not deriving the necessary value and efficiencies from their investment.

Our Go to Cloud Service is designed to address all these issues, we design and plan the Go to Cloud Strategy, based on your organizational objectives and within the budget constraints that you have. We move all or parts of your business IT/IS to a highly reliable and available cloud infrastructure, be it as simple as email, or electronic filing, to your core business applications. 
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Whether you have an On-Premises or a Cloud based infrastructure, you want to make sure that your environment is stable and available.

Our Sustain Service gives you that guarantee. Our approach is to address issues that might cause the environment to break down and cause business interruptions, for that we look after your firewall, we handle your AVS issues, your file system management and permissions, we monitor your H/W failure and security, we make sure your email is working fine and we fix issues related to your Operating Systems.
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Looking beyond Sustaining your IT and IS infrastructure, a growing business will naturally require the infrastructure to be supported, developed and put on a path to evolve and grow with the business.

Our Support Service Models will handle all type of support areas ranging from designing and building your Back Up Plan, Data Recovery, updating your OS and other business applications with Security patches, Performance Tuning for the DB and the OS, handling your Wi-Fi and VPN issues. 
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Operation and Management

Businesses of any size might want to completely outsource their IT and IS operation. The need to look at IT and IS as a single cost item without any of the headaches makes a lot of business sense and continuously proves to be the right choice.

Our Operation and Management Experience is very detailed in every aspect of the IT and IS life cycle. From designing the architecture of all the required systems, H/W and S/W working together, to procurement, and supplier management, and daily operations based on Service Level Agreements and budget based cost. The objective of this service is to allow a business of any size to have a business class IT and IS department without the headaches and hidden costs related. 
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PC and User Support

PC and PC User Support is one of the most demanding support activities in terms of time required and the amount of support staff handle all PC and User Support requirements.

Our portfolio of business class services is geared towards the infrastructure, however these two services are dedicated to PCs and Users. Supporting every aspect of what PC and Users need on a daily basis, but with a proactive approach, we make sure that most of the classical and frequent problems are eliminated, and we focus on the more complex productivity related aspects. We handle all sorts of PC Support activities from workstation backup and maintenance, to driver’s update, email configuration, mobile devices integration, health checks, OS related issues and AVS. 
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Enterprise Systems Implementation and Services

The requirements of the Enterprise reach beyond IT and IS infrastructure services. The Software Business Solutions need a different type of attention and management to remain operational, available, secure and performing at the required levels.

Our Enterprise Systems Services cover a wide variety of domains and expertise, from Data Base and Web Servers Implementation, from multiple vendors like Oracle or Microsoft, to Application Clustering and High Availability Architecture, to Enterprise Back Up and Disaster Recover Strategy, Planning and Execution. Anzimatech covers the full scope of services related to Microsoft Servers, System Center, Messaging and Collaboration, in addition to all type of Data Services, extraction, migration and conversion. 
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The Team

Anzima Technologies S.A.R.L. (Anzimatech) is a team of dynamic professionals with deep knowledge and experience in the fields of Information and Communications Technology.

Hasan Fakih

Co-managing Partner
Service Delivery



Berytech Park @ Beirut Digital District 3rd floor
Bechara el-Klhoury Ave.

P.O. Box

11-7503 Beirut, Lebanon

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